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Upholster Your Office Chairs

If you have had the seating for a long time and the rest of the chair is in perfect working condition but the fabric has worn away, your office chair can be reupholstered in a colour of your choice, so it looks perfectly renewed! Reupholstering your office chairs is a great way to re-use them to without having to buy new chairs. If you need your chairs repaired, they can be too, from mechanisms to gas lifts and chair arms, completely refurbishing your chairs.

Whether you have a whole range of chairs that need reupholstering or just a few chairs, we can help and all you need to do is call us on 0800 046 3988.

Upholstering Office Chairs & Designer Seating

Whatever type of office chair you need upholstering, any type of seating can be upholstered. From general office chairs – task and operator chairs to designer chairs, such as: Hille Supporto Chairs, Steelcase chairs, Orangebox, Humanscale, Kinnarps, Senator, Verco, Eames Originals, Vitra, Giroflex, Hag, Kusch Co, Boss, Vector, RH Logic, Hoganasmobler, Humanscale, Sitag, Sedus

Upholster Reception Sofa & Reception Chairs

From reception sofas to reception tub chairs, these can often see a lot of usage with these chairs being in high traffic areas and fabric can fade or become worn out over time. There are different fabrics available, whether you are looking for a textured style of fabric or maybe plain leather look, whatever style of office or space you have there are various options to choose from.

Sofa Upholstery & Soft Seating

Sofa Upholstery and upholstering soft seating gives you the option to update the fabric. Sofas can become worn over time or maybe you are refurbishing the rest of the office or the space and need a new fabric colour – which is a great time to change the fabric to coordinate with the new look of your office or space.

Upholster Meeting Chairs

Whether they are in your boardroom and are high back executive style or a larger room where the chairs can stack, there are a whole range of fabrics to choose from that are right your office or commercial environment. Upholstering your meeting chairs can completely renew them, especially if the fabric has discoloured, faded or been ripped the office chair reupholstery service is a fantastic way to refurbish them.

Conference Chair Upholstery

Conference chairs often see high usage, are stacked and moved around different rooms constantly, which can affect the chair fabric. Sometimes conference chairs also see drink and food spillages which leaves the fabric looking in less than great condition. Conference chair reupholstery completely renews the chair and if you are looking to update the fabric, there are a whole range of fabrics to give you the style you are looking for.


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