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Hille Supporto Chairs

Designed by Fred Scott in 1970s, the Hille Supporto is a popular chair. Rich in design and style these chairs can easily be refurbished to restore them. The range of supporto chairs include high back supporto chairs and low back. They are also available with or without arms and a range of frame colours. Whether they are in an office environment or as meeting chairs they can add style to any space. hille supporto

Hille Supporto Chair Refurbishment

Refurbishing Hille Supporto chairs can include reupholstering the chairs in a new fabric with new foam, replacing chair parts: gas lift (adjusts height of chair), the back gas lift and new wheels. Frames and bases can also be resprayed.

Repair & Reupholster: Hille Supporto Chairs

Below are just some examples of refurbishment works:

A set of Hille Supporto chairs required reupholstering and replacement chair parts. The fabric on the chairs had worn away and the foam underneath was starting to show through. On some of the chairs the gas lifts were not working and needed to be replaced so that the height could be adjusted on the chairs. Replacement back gas lifts were also required. The frames and the base were in good condition. The existing fabric on the chairs was changed completely and were re-covered in black leather, which gave the chairs a modern feel.

Hille Supporto chair needed reupholstery works only - in purple fabric. It was a colour match to their logo. Hille Supporto chair refurbishment works extend the use of the chair and its a great way to re-use.

For reupholstery options there are many fabric, leather and vinyl options to choose from, whether you are trying to get a colour to coordinate with the office decor or branding or just want somthing different, its all very easy.

If you have Hille supporto chairs that need refurbishing, call us today on 0800 046 3988 for a quotation.


Call us today on 0800 046 3988

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